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Sunday, 20 April 2014


Mask against cellulite with seaweed - Cellulite seaweed mask Home mask cellulite seaweed more gentle on the skin and at the same time is quite effective. Take two packets of dry seaweed or any other algae (the smaller the parts of the product, the better, so better to grind the algae), add two liters of hot water (not boiling!) And leave for an hour. Strain and apply to the skin, laying on top of the tape and wrapped in something warm. Hold for about an hour.
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Joey Atlas Review on Masks against cellulite wax - Wax mask cellulite is another effective remedy for cellulite that you can use at home - masks from hot wax. Making them at home is difficult enough, so it is better to buy - they are sold in pharmacies, beauty salons have ready-made and only need to warm up according to instructions. Wax is applied to the skin with a brush, and then coated with a film and wrap up with something warm. Hold the wax takes about half an hour.
Masks against cellulite with essential oils - From Joey Atlas Review, Mask cellulite oil Wonderful impact on problem skin; help to get rid of cellulite homemade mask with essential oils. There are many variations of masks with essential oils, but usually observed one rule: more base oil (vegetable) mixed with a little more additional oil (essential). Properly mix and use at home as a mask against cellulite, what other benefits they may have to remove cellulite, see the special material.

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