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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Honey Massage - Miraculous effects of honey massage are based on a combination of beneficial effects of force and those useful biological substances, which is so rich honey. Traditional massage techniques by Joey Atlas Review combined with him only half a month of application improve the overall condition of the skin and smooth out cellulite. About how to make anti-cellulite massage with honey, we now describe a practical part of the procedure will show you our video. Of course someone may prefer all these exercises any medicines for weight loss, but it's worth but very good deal in these preparations. Visit to Learn Only Truth about Cellulite:

Joey Atlas Review on Truth about Cellulite note at the outset that the procedure will need to perform in a day for 15 days. In order to get a massage the buttocks and thighs, will need just two teaspoons of honey. If desired, it can drip a few drops of any essential oil, cellulite massage is then combined with a pleasant aroma.
•    Apply honey on the palm and gently pat yourself on the problem areas.
•    Gradually increase the force patting movements, pressing palms to the skin
•    Presses palms to the skin for a few seconds, then sharply distinguishing them from the body.
•    Keep doing anti-cellulite massage; paying no attention to his pain, until the honey on hand is white. White mass - is slag exiting the skin out.
•    Rinse with white mass with it and continue to massage until the white mass is no longer allocated.
•    Take a warm shower, brush body moisturizing, nourishing and restorative cream.

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